Working to save the best of California for our future

Advocating for science-based solutions to climate chaos

Supporting actions and policies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Fighting to reduce air and water pollution harming our communities


How We’re Different


Climate Action California is the only volunteer-led, grassroots climate advocacy group in our state with our approach and focus. We take science-based positions on legislation and policies that 1) reduce short-lived climate pollutants including methane and refrigerants,
2) advance clean transportation and transit, and 3) accelerate an equitable, just transition to the low-carbon future we all need.

What We Do


We work in teams focused on pollutants and emissions sources, and advocate for local, state, and federal legislation and policies that move the needle on climate. We track bills, work in coalition to promote our positions, and keep in close touch with legislators and agency decision-makers on a wide range of issues from building decarbonization and plastics to energy policy and the California budget.

Work With Us!

Zoom screen with happy, waving volunteers in their little boxes

As a community of volunteers and a coalition of like-minded groups, we welcome everyone to join our work—resolving climate change is a big project! New volunteers are welcome to join our twice-a-month meetings on Zoom, sign up for campaign teams, or help out with the website, events, or fundraising. No special expertise is needed to help keep Climate Action California making a difference!

Introducing The Condor: Our New Substack Newsletter

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Let constituents participate in CA Assembly Hearings!

The Capitol building in Sacramento

All Californians should have the opportunity to express their opinion about the legislation that will affect their lives—no matter where they live in the state. Paid lobbyists in Sacramento should not have an advantage over state residents when consequential bills are being voted upon!

Join the Campaign: OPPOSE the 2024 Setbacks Referendum

pumpjack in a public park, Bakersfield

In 2022 the Legislature passed a long-awaited bill requiring 3200-ft buffers protecting homes, schools, parks, and other "sensitive sites" from the public health effects of oil and gas operations. Immediately, fossil fuel interests bankrolled a referendum  to repeal the law, now on the Nov. 2024 ballot.

Read about the climate bills we're proposing for the 2024 legislature

Gov. Newsom signing a bill with legislators looking on

Following some important legislative wins in 2023, our volunteer teams are proposing game-changing climate legislation for introduction in 2024. Our proposals are bold and ambitious because it's past time to wait and see what's possible when it comes to reducing emissions!

Hear about us from Climate Action California volunteers

a tamhane headshot 2 - Anoushka Tamhane

Anoushka Tamhane

"There are no internal barriers to taking action, and everyone can get involved, from new volunteers to policy experts. The group moves quickly, clearly prioritizing effective climate action."

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Debbie Mytels

"This is a great group of thoughtful people with a variety of perspectives from all over the state—working on well-considered, non-partisan responses to climate legislation and policy."

Mary-for-Stationery-Small head shot - Mary Buxton

Mary Buxton

"I like working with an organization that is growing! I learn a lot at the meetings, where it's clear that CAC is open to input and ideas, and volunteers have a can-do attitude."