About Us

Climate Action California is a community of individuals, and a coalition of organizations and groups—working together to hasten the end of the climate crisis.

We are engaged at every level of government—local, regional, state, and federal—advancing science-based climate policy that will speed the transition to a just, equitable low-carbon economy and a healthy planet. Our theory of change depends on strong, mutually respectful relationships with legislators and regulators, as we advocate for bold and effective action. New volunteers are always welcome to bring energy and new ideas to the work! 

How we got here

Passing strong climate legislation in California requires active statewide organizing—a tall order in such a large and demographically diverse state. In 2021, when we were organizing as the 350 Silicon Valley legislation/policy team, the Climate Reality California Coalition joined us, bringing many dedicated and knowledgeable volunteers. In 2022, we launched Climate Action California, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit that can lobby and support candidates. In 2023 we formed the Climate Action California Foundation, a public charity focused on education of the public and our representatives, which has  received 501(c)(3) nonprofit status from the IRS.

Climate Action California and the Climate Action California Foundation share priorities for climate action.

  • Reduction of “short-lived climate pollutant” emissions (methane, refrigerants, black carbon, or soot)
  • Transportation, especially electrification of trucks and cars, and support for transit and active transportation (walking, biking, etc.)
  • Measures or policies that will accelerate the transition to our low-carbon future

We do great work together — join us!