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Energy Policy Team Meeting

February 16, 2026 | 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm PST



February 16, 2026
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm PST

The Energy Policy Team meets on the first and third Mondays each month. For meeting link or more info, contact adam@climateactionca.org.


Here is the overarching CAC 2023 bill ideas, budget ideas, regulatory ideas document for Spring… at this time, it is the least messy statement of this team’s main campaigns!

We have a Playbook, built around CRP CA Coalition et al’s May 3, 2022 letter to CARB listing, in detail, the SLCPs-related shortcomings with the Scoping Plan… that list will be the heart of our campaign planning and execution for the next couple of years. That letter, in turn, is built on CRP Coalition et al’s excellent deep-dive letter to CARB July 9, 2021.

Here is the link to CARB’s inventory of short lived climate pollutants (SLCPs)

Also, here is a briefing paper about SLCPs in California prepared in late 2021 by our partners at CRP CA Coalition… please review it as well.  It is first rate.

See CARB’s 2021-2024 Strategic Research Plan to find out what they have been up to in recent years and what research is planned. Some of the sections match our teams.

Carbonmapper website showing methane leak data statewide, https://data.carbonmapper.org/map#b=Mapbox_Satellite_Retina&l=Flight_Lines_2(1),MITIGATION_EXAMPLES(1),AVIRIS_SOURCES_SINGLE(1),AVIRIS(1)&vm=2D&ve=-123.916728,19.867369,-72.193095,50.413695&pl=false&pb=false&tr=true&d=2022-11-11&tlr=days 

Very informative (economists’) blog from the Energy Institute at Haas