Climate Action California's Governance Structure

The Steering Committee of 30-50 core volunteers, and campaign teams, represented in the blue circles, are the engine that drives Climate Action California. These teams conduct research, draft policy papers and comments on bills and agency rulemakings, and partner with other organizations and coalitions to mobilize people and build support for climate-friendly policies.

The organizations and coalitions we partner with are the next outer ring. While they are part of our movement and in many cases are represented on the Steering Committee, they remain independent in their decision-making, policy positions, and bill endorsements. Our partners and allies may join CAC in some of our actions and decline to join others. 501(c)(3) organizations are prohibited from endorsing candidates, although they may lobby on legislation and policy as a portion of their activities.

The outer green band represents our thousands of online supporters, who receive our newsletters, action alerts, invitations to meetings with their elected representatives—and opportunities to become more actively involved in our work.

The Steering Committee operates by modified consensus as described in our bylaws. This allows CAC to make swift decisions on many issues requiring immediate action.

The Board is the executive branch of the corporation. It keeps the organization running by overseeing operations, finances and legalities.

We welcome volunteers at all levels of the organization!


Janet Cox, CEO
James Fischer, Secretary
Pat Kinney, Treasurer

Board members

Will Brieger
Harriet Harvey-Horn
Antonina Markoff
Anoushka Tamhane


CAC circular org chart, showing that the broad-based Steering Committee has most of the power