Petition: Let Californians participate in committee hearings remotely!


The ability to support or oppose proposed legislation should be available to all residents of California. A very effective way to do this is to let people briefly state their support or opposition to a given bill — known as “me-toos” — in committee hearings. One of the benefits of the COVID pandemic was a new policy in the Capitol that provided for remote participation in hearings. Post-COVID, the Senate continued this practice.

Unfortunately, the Assembly did not adopt such a policy for all committees, so in most instances constituents who cared enough to comment needed to be physically present in the Capitol during the 2022 session. Consequently, Assembly hearings have since been populated largely by professional lobbyists and those living within driving distance of Sacramento.

Now the Senate has adopted this anti-democratic policy, accepting only written or in-person participation in committee hearings. We (along with petition cosponsor Third Act) are asking them  to make sure ALL voices are heard. Sign our petition!

To our elected representatives:

We the undersigned feel strongly that ALL California residents must have equal access to participate in their government.

Provision for remote participation will ensure that all voices can be heard by our elected decision makers. Remote “me-toos” also ensure that paid lobbyists do not have outsized influence in committee hearings.

Thank you for your attention to this important issue.